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Musical Theatre Fitness has developed into four online group classes since it began in January 2020, alongside 1-1 online Personal Training sessions and on demand content.

Work It Out is an all-levels online 45 minute dance cardio fitness workout that combines the love of musical theatre with a bootcamp HIIT session and dance fitness moves. Tracks range from slow to fast and helps to develop stamina and strength, boost your heart health, help you destress, improve co-ordination and overall fitness, whilst having lots of fun. 

Stretch It Out is a 30 minute online class set to a musical theatre and Disney soundtrack which will help to awaken and align your body. Designed for all-levels, this stretch class will allow you to target all muscle groups to help improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility, whilst increasing muscle tone and functional core strength. The class will also help to reduce stress levels and improve mental well-being and bring a sense of calmness to the body.

Dance It Out is an online all-abilities dance class that allows you to learn original choreography, in the comfort of your own home. Each week you will learn a new routine and different styles of dance. The class combines a warm up, break down of the choreography and then a cool down to end.

Tone It Out is a 30 minute strength and conditioning class that is designed to shape and tone postural muscles, build core strength and improve the body's stability. Fusing together Barre, Pilates, Resistance Bands and HIIT, we have created this unique session that is specifically designed to help you get lean, toned and fit. 


  • Online Live Streamed Class

    45 min

    4 British pounds
  • Online Live Streamed Class

    30 min

    3 British pounds
  • Online Live Streamed Class

    30 min

    3.50 British pounds
  • Online Live Streamed Class

    1 hr

    5 British pounds
  • Online Live Streamed Class

    30 min

    3.50 British pounds
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Musical Theatre Fitness classes have kept me active over the many lock-downs and days of doom and gloom! They're great fun, high energy and there's lots of different styles of music for everyone. The instructors are also super lovely. Highly recommend! - Annie

I've been wanting to get fitter for a long time, but motivation was really lacking, then a friend mentioned Musical Theatre Fitness. I thought I'd give it a go hoping it would be the thing that got me back into actually enjoying exercise again. And safe to say I love it. The best thing about it is how down to earth and relatable Flick, Zoe and Danniella are. The honesty from them, and moments of needing to take a breath and being sweaty and their humor just make the whole scenario more real and relatable for so many people, it's just like a group of friends getting together for a fun session. Bonus that there's no pressure to have your camera on too, slowly building up the confidence to do so but the no pressure is amazing. Thank you guys for the fab classes, a truly wonderful group of people - Lydia

 - Annie

I’ve been attending classes with Musical Theatre Fitness for a few months now and I can’t recommend them highly enough! The current state of the world is really difficult for everyone, and I can’t express how beneficial these classes have been for my mental health. An amazing, fun and non intimidating way to work out and have a boogie to some fab MT tunes with some lovely people - Ellie

"Flick is so motivating and really pushes you to your limit, her knowledge for the different exercises is incredible and makes it more interesting each time! Loving my PT sessions!" - Paris 

 - Kirsty

 - Ellie

"Felicity’s DANCE IT OUT classes are the highlight of my week. They’re high energy and fun- easy to follow steps for all levels and dance abilities. I’m a little bit thankful for COVID 19 bringing these opportunities into the home no matter where you’re based! Thanks so much Flick! I said the other week “I’m going to be so gutted and upset when the world goes back to normal and these dance classes stop”, but now I guess they don’t have to? Please don’t ever stop them!" - Gillian

"Flick has been my PT for 2 months. She has totally tailor made each week to my individual needs and my musical theatre taste 😊🎶🎵 every week she pushes me to achieve my goals and I'm so grateful for my sessions! It's super hard work but always such a fun hour so I look forward to it each week! I already feel so much stronger!! Thank you Flick" - Eilidh

"I love Dance it Out. Dancing is my "happy place" and I always finish Flick's class with a huge smile on my face! Her routines are fun and energizing and suitable for beginners to advanced. She breaks down each section at a good pace and is always so encouraging. Don't think you have the confidence? Turn off your camera! That's the beauty of an online class. I promise you'll have a spring in your step and be singing show tunes for the rest of the day" - Stacey

 - Lydia

"I started doing Dance It Out with Felicity on a Sunday at the start of lockdown and I can honestly say it's been the highlight of my week. The warm ups are great and the dances Felicity choreographs are so fun and suitable for all dance abilities. I also do the Work It Out class on a Wednesday to burn some extra calories and it is so much fun you don't even feel like you are working out!" - Raphaelle

 - Nicola

"MT fitness is so unique and that’s what makes it amazing! The ‘Dance it out’ classes with Flick are so enjoyable and a great way to work out whilst listening to all your favourite musicals. Flicks choreography is fun and her teaching style is so easy to follow which helps make the classes so worthwhile! HIGHLY recommend for anyone who loves a good boogie to some musical songs" - Joanna

 - Amy

"I love Musical Theatre Fitness classes as they make workouts fun. Flick and Zoe are both engaging and encouraging and cater for all abilities. There is a wide variety of musical styles and suggesting new music is encouraged. Flick has created a supportive community which has really helped me cope with the challenges of 2020" - Sara

 - Audrey

 - Stephanie

"I do love to exercise but sometimes it gets boring...but when Flick started MTF...well I’ve never missed a class! I love Work It Out because it’s fun, you sweat alot and who doesn’t love working out to songs from musicals! Dance It Out is so much fun, you laugh a lot and sweat to a new level! Throughout lockdown I’ve enjoyed and looked forward to the classes because you know you're going to work hard and have fun at the same time! Once you join in the classes, you can’t stop!" - Michaela

 - Stacey

 - Renee

"Fantastic dance teacher, wonderful choreography, awesome selection of songs. Caters for a range of abilities, high energy and loads of fun. Can't recommend these classes enough" - Lee

 - Kirsten

"These classes have been an absolute essential for me during lock down! Flick and Zoe make it fun and exciting to train and care for your body. The classes are super welcoming, there is absolutely no pressure to have your camera on - and who wouldn’t love doing it to a MT soundtrack" - Erin

 - Lucy

"Great classes that focus on HIIT workouts, stretching and also a class where you learn a dance routine all with a wonderful soundtrack of musical theatre. Brilliant way to get fit from home and get your musical theatre fix that we are all missing in these strange times. The instructors are fun, friendly and definitely know their stuff. These classes are the highlight of my week" - Ellie

 - Laura

"I was buzzing when you said that you would be doing a routine to The Prom for Pride as it's the first time I've seen something representing anything close to how I felt when I was in high school, so I just wanted to thank you for that, and the classes in general as they've been a godsend throughout lockdown!" - Mhairi



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