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Let me start off by saying thank you! These in person classes are the best! It's a little like a girls night out. If you've not tried this then do... and if you have, you know am right! - Michelle


We are delighted to announce that Musical Theatre Fitness is now officially ENDORSED by emdUK and our franchise opportunities for Instructors to join us and teach Work It Out is now available

Musical Theatre Fitness classes began in July 2020. We offer online group exercise classes, 1-1 online Personal Training sessions, on demand content and in person classes around the UK. All our tracks are inspired from stage and screen musicals!

We currently host in person classes in Edinburgh, London and Llandudno. We are expanding and looking to take on more musical loving instructors around the UK.  

Our ethos is to inspire people to find joy in exercise. Living and moving the body, however we can, should be joyous and we want to provide classes and a Community for anyone and everyone who simply wants a fun way to promote their physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

Remember that life is a journey, and if you fall in love with the journey, you will be in love forever.

Endorsed by EMD UK WHITE logo with updated strapline.png
Pictures of Felicity Halfpenny dressed as Mary Poppins, Elphaba and a Pink Lady from Grease

Our Director and Creator, Felicity Halfpenny is absolutely thrilled with how Musical Theatre Fitness has grown since 2020 and cannot express enough how much seeing people fall in love with fitness means to her.


Always remember:

  • Exercise should supplement your daily routines and not overshadow them

  • A diet/fitness plan that consumes your daily thoughts is *not* healthy

  • Your mental health matters more than your jean size

  • Hating your body will never be good motivation. Celebrate it in everyway possible!

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