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Musical Theatre Fitness has developed into three classes since it began in January 2020.

Work It Out is an all-levels dance cardio fitness workout, combined with HIIT, which concentrates on working essential muscle groups for a whole body workout, all set to loved Musical Theatre and Disney tracks. Fitness that is fun and where you feel a part of the show!

Dance It Out is an all-abilities dance class that allows you to learn original choreography, in the comfort of your own home.

Each week you will learn a new routine and different styles of dance. The class combines a warm up, break down of the choreography and then a cool down to end. You will forget you are even working out!

Stretch It Out is an all-levels stretching class that will help you to improve flexibility and build strength. The class utilizes moves and stretches from Yoga and Pilates and combines this with general stretches to awaken and align the body. The class is choreographed to Musical Theatre and Disney tracks. 




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"I was buzzing when you said that you would be doing a routine to The Prom for Pride as it's the first time I've seen something representing anything close to how I felt when I was in high school, so I just wanted to thank you for that, and the classes in general as they've been a godsend throughout lockdown!" - Mhairi

 - Laura

 - Kirsty

"Felicity’s DANCE IT OUT classes are the highlight of my week. They’re high energy and fun- easy to follow steps for all levels and dance abilities. I’m a little bit thankful for COVID 19 bringing these opportunities into the home no matter where you’re based! Thanks so much Flick! I said the other week “I’m going to be so gutted and upset when the world goes back to normal and these dance classes stop”, but now I guess they don’t have to? Please don’t ever stop them!" - Gillian

I love Dance it Out. Dancing is my "happy place" and I always finish Flick's class with a huge smile on my face! Her routines are fun and energizing and suitable for beginners to advanced. She breaks down each section at a good pace and is always so encouraging. Don't think you have the confidence? Turn off your camera! That's the beauty of an online class. I promise you'll have a spring in your step and be singing show tunes for the rest of the day - Stacey

 - Ellie

I started doing Dance It Out with Felicity on a Sunday at the start of lockdown and I can honestly say it's been the highlight of my week. The warm ups are great and the dances Felicity choreographs are so fun and suitable for all dance abilities. I also do the Work It Out class on a Wednesday to burn some extra calories and it is so much fun you don't even feel like you are working out!" - Raphaelle

 - Nicola

"Anyone who knows me will know I hate any form of exercise. I have pretty much sat on my bum for the last 6 weeks of lockdown as I am working from home. Tonight I took part in the amazing Work It Out class. I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend to anyone who feels they need a little get up and go!" - Emma

 - Amy

"I've absolutely loved following Felicity's musical theatre fitness routines each week. They are always fun and a great work-out. Prepare to sweat, laugh and smile your way through a fitness routine set to amazing musical numbers. Never had so much fun working out" - Natalie

 - Audrey

 - Stephanie

I do love to exercise but sometimes it gets boring...but when Flick started MTF...well I’ve never missed a class! I love Work It Out because it’s fun, you sweat alot and who doesn’t love working out to songs from musicals! Dance It Out is so much fun, you laugh a lot and sweat to a new level! Throughout lockdown I’ve enjoyed and looked forward to the classes because you know you're going to work hard and have fun at the same time! Once you join in the classes, you can’t stop! - Michaela

 - Stacey

 - Renee



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