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We expect all customers of Musical Theatre Fitness to follow and adhere to the following principles whilst at a Musical Theatre Fitness class or attending any Musical Theatre Fitness branded event. If MTF determine any breach of the below to be of a serious nature e.g bullying – those members will be suspended from attending and further MTF classes or events with immediate effect.


Members therefore must:

  • Wear suitable clothing for a dance fitness class

  • Not record the classes for further distribution or personal benefit

  • Ensure contact details are always up to date

  • Bring water to the classes to stay hydrated

  • Make MTF a fun place to be – for everyone!

  • Be friendly and welcoming

  • Be supportive and loyal to other members/participants

  • Always include everyone and do not isolate anyone

  • Respect all peers, adults and MTF staff members regardless of age, gender, ability, race, cultural background, religious beliefs or sexual orientation/identity

  • Respect the instructions and decisions of MTF Staff

  • Report inappropriate behaviour immediately to an MTF Staff member

  • Not bully, make inappropriate remarks, be violent or aggressive towards anyone

  • Not get involved in inappropriate peer pressure or pressure anyone else

  • Not inappropriately disrupt any MTF class or offering 


All members have the right to:

  • Be safe and happy in their chosen class

  • Be listened to

  • Be respected and treated fairly

  • Privacy

  • Be referred to professional services for help if needed

  • Be supported regardless of personal background

  • Be protected from abuse by other MTF members


Staff members must:

  • Ensure the safety of all members by providing correct teaching points as much as possible through online portals

  • Make the class/offering fun!

  • Consider the well-being and safety of participants

  • Be a role model, displaying a consistently high standard

  • Be disciplined, committed and timely

  • Take time to explain routines/technique

  • Respect and listen

  • Treat all members fairly and ensure they feel valued

  • Be positive, approachable and offer praise

  • Have access to a telephone/mobile phone for immediate contact to emergency contacts/services if required

  • Maintain confidentiality about sensitive information (unless such information is detrimental to the well-being of a member)

  • Report incidents (including abuse) and accidents to management of Musical Theatre Fitness, who must record and involve and professional service necessary

  • No use of bad language or inappropriate behaviour

  • Refrain from smoking and consumption of alcohol during classes or offerings

  • Hold appropriate and valid qualifications specific to teaching activity


Staff members have the right to:

  • Work within a safe, fun environment

  • Receive support in any circumstances but especially if reporting abuse or poor practice

  • Access to available professional support

  • Fair and equitable treatment by Musical Theatre Fitness management

  • Discuss any issues/concerns of queries directly related to Musical Theatre Fitness with Musical Theatre Fitness management

  • Request that a repeatedly disruptive member is removed from a class or offering

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