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We are delighted to announce that Musical Theatre Fitness is officially ENDORSED by emdUK, and we are looking for musical theatre loving instructors to join our mission in putting fun, positivity and jazz hands in to the fitness world through our Work It Out program!


Work It Out is an all-levels 45 minute dance cardio fitness workout that combines the love of musical theatre with a bootcamp
HIIT session and dance fitness moves. Tracks range from slow to fast and help to develop stamina and strength, boost your heart health, help you de-stress, improve coordination and overall fitness, whilst having lots of fun.


You must hold a Level 2 qualification in a fitness related field or Exercise to Music qualification. Other qualifications are accepted and a complete list of these can be viewed here:


If your qualification doesn't appear - don't fear! Drop us an email at and we can confirm if your current qualifications are all okay to proceed with the course. 


  • Accredited training online. This means you can take our training course from the comfort of your own home or studio

  • Training includes learning one full unit of Musical Theatre Fitness tracks (24 tracks). Each track breaks down the components of the routine and offers modifications for moves to ensure everyone can take part!  You'll have an understanding of the basic steps, choreography, modifications and cueing

  • Musical Theatre Fitness - Work It Out Certification upon completion

  • Musical Theatre Fitness license to teach Work It Out and use the Musical Theatre Fitness brand (Franchise will be required after initial training)

  • New monthly content (1-2 new tracks) and choreography notes (Franchise required)

  • Your own individual profile on our website to list your classes and tell people about YOU, reach thousands of people each month looking for classes

  • Instructor discounts on clothing and events

  • New monthly content for social media - Facebook and Instagram posts (Franchise required)

  • Training is non-refundable and must be completed within 90 days

  • The business logo may only be used by Instructors who hold a Musical Theatre Fitness valid certificate and continued franchise subscription


All tracks are created by Director and Master Personal Trainer, Felicity Halfpenny. The first unit contains 24 tracks, which include a mixture of stage and movie musicals. All units are accessible via an online teaching platform and Instructors will have the details to contact Felicity directly if they have any additional queries. This means there is always a line of support open.

Once you complete your training, you will receive your license and can start teaching straight away!

You must purchase the monthly Franchise Scheme after 3 months of completion from the course to continue your licence and to continue teaching! 



Learning Outcomes


Module 1: Planning 

  • Understand how to put together a successful ‘Work It Out’ class

  • Understand modifications for movements in ‘Work It Out’ and how to deliver them appropriately

  • Understand the role of the Instructor

  • Preparing self, equipment and environment 

Module 2: Instructing 

  • Understand the safety considerations during classes

  • Demonstrate a range of communication and evaluation skills 

  • Plan and instruct a safe and effective ‘Work It Out’ class

  • Undertake an evaluation of their own performance and prepare an action plan for improvement

Module 3: Supporting Clients

  • Understand how to form effective working relationships with clients 

  • How to address modifications for exercise 

  • How to provide ongoing services to clients

  • To have a presence online through social media 

Module 4: Health & Safety:

  • Understand all Health & Safety requirements in a fitness environment


The initial training fee is a one off payment of £119.00. 

If you join the MTF Instructor Franchise Scheme (monthly direct debit of £25.00), after your initial 3 month period, your license to teach Work It Out classes will not expire. If you do not join the MTF Instructor Franchise Scheme, the license you get upon completion of the initial training and 24 track course will expire after 3 months and you must cease to teach. If you wish to teach again in the future, you must complete the initial training program again.


Musical Theatre Fitness Instructors can teach in person classes at any type of location, these include fitness facilities, dance studios, community centers, parks, etc.

Instructors will not be able to teach virtual classes, both livestream and on demand, unless agreed with the Director of Musical Theatre Fitness.


If you are ready to join us please purchase the initial training program below. Once signed up, visit the log in page and start your training straight away.




To successfully complete training and become a Musical Theatre Fitness ‘Work It Out’ Instructor, you will be required to undertake and pass the assessment.

Once you feel ready to be assessed an agreed date will be set between yourself and the Director of Musical Theatre Fitness to complete your online assessment. The assessment will have one other current Musical Theatre Fitness employee alongside the Director, Felicity Halfpenny. The assessment must be completed within your 90 day training program.

On the assessment day you will be required to sign in to a zoom account and teach a class to the assessment panel. At least one member of the panel will participate in the class. 

During the assessment, the Instructor will prepare four tracks of their choice to teach. The Director will then randomly select another two from the Unit they have learnt and ask them to teach these. In addition to this the Director will then randomly select a further four tracks from the learnt Unit and the Instructor must verbally communicate what happens in these tracks and the modifications offered.

During the assessment, Instructors will be asked questions around safeguarding, managing technical difficulties and understanding where and how to escalate queries. 

In order to pass the assessment the Instructor will be required to demonstrate the following:

  • Excellent knowledge of the set choreography

  • Ability to verbalise clearly any track modifications prior and during teaching

  • Excellent client engagement

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of Musical Theatre Fitness Policies & Procedures

  • Demonstrate the ability to set up and troubleshoot technical equipment 


All policies and procedures can be found on the website or through these direct hyperlinks:


Please contact Felicity at and ask away! We look forward to hearing from you.

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