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6 Month Pricing Plan Membership Contract - "Gimme Gimme"

Your membership will begin on the day when you enrol via our website

Your membership will run for the initial period, which is at least 6 full calendar months and will continue then indefinitely on a rolling monthly contract until you give us at least one full calendar months’ notice in writing unless: 

  • you end your Pricing Plan membership at the end of the initial period, with one calendar months' notice

  • you switch to a different rolling Pricing Plan membership at the end of the initial period 

  • you end your membership early (see ‘Ending your membership early’)


  • we cancel your membership

The ‘initial period’ is the full 6-calendar month period from the 1st of the month after the date you made your Pricing Plan membership application. This means that your minimum commitment is to pay for the first 6 full calendar months of your membership with us. 

If you want to end your membership from the end of the initial period, you can give us one calendar month’s notice. We will contact you in writing at an appropriate time towards the end of your initial period to remind you of this.

If you want to switch to a different Rolling Pricing Plan membership from the end of the initial period, you can give us one calendar month’s notice.

If you want to switch to Rolling Pricing Plan membership at any other time, you will be required to give us three calendar months’ notice. 



At any time you can end your membership if: 

• you are suffering from a medical condition which means you are unable to participate in our Live Stream and On Demand Classes (this does not include pregnancy, but does include any medical conditions that arise during pregnancy);

 • you lose your employment or are declared insolvent

To end your membership for one of the reasons above, you must give us notice in writing. Your membership will end on the last day of the month in which we receive your notice or your suitable evidence.



  • We will not tolerate our staff or other members being verbally abused or intimidated or being physically threatened. If we find this to be the case, we have the right to report you to the Police, to ban you immediately and permanently from the Musical Theatre Fitness Ltd family and to cancel your entire membership. 

  • If you do not pay your membership fee when it is due, we will write to you to requesting an alternative payment method. If you do not pay for your membership, we will cancel your membership.


When signing up for this membership you will be able to access the Members Only page. The On Demand content will always have a minimum of the below available:

  • 2 x Work It Out

  • 1 x Stretch It Out

  • 1 x Dance It Out

The videos will remain live for 2 weeks from the day they were uploaded and this is in line with the current licensing rules. If these licensing regulations change, we will contact you and inform you of the relevant changes.​

You can watch the On Demand videos as many times as you like up until they are taken down.

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